Sharing Light

Julie McCrossin AM (she, her) 

Christian - Uniting Church; Lesbian; Broadcaster, MC, Wife, Nana, 78er, Cancer Survivor, Activist, Loves Dogs


Julie’s deep peace and joy shines like a bright star that cannot be extinguished. As a 78er, she carries with many LGBTIQA+ people of faith the scars and wounds of the struggle for human rights and human dignity in the experiences of oppression, abuse, violence, discrimination and exclusion. Yet, it is the Good News of hope and love that she carries for the world and for her LGBTIQA+ sisters, brothers and siblings. That it is not in spite of faith, but because of faith that she is able to be that bearer of great light, knowing that – the light she carries can kindle other flames of hope and love all around her.

Image description:

Julie in a short sleeved black blouse holding and carrying forward a lit rainbow coloured pillar candle, as she smiles brightly as an offering with the candle to the viewer. The background colour is mandarin yellow.

Reflections from Julie:

“Travelling through life with the diverse mob of people who come together in the South Sydney Uniting Church community, in person and via Zoom, nurtures all that is good in my life: empathy, compassion, love, faith and fellowship. Everyone is truly welcome at our church. Parishioners actively participate and contribute to liturgy, music, song, prayer, bible reading and study, preaching, art, poetry, a community garden, a newspaper and pastoral care. Communion taken together is the mysterious heart of it all.”

“Choral music in the Church of England tradition is deeply connected to my experience of contact with the divine and timeless fundamental values that existed long before my birth and will continue long after my death. At the eye of the storm there is a calm peace. 

I first encountered this peace as a girl singing in traditional choral choirs and listening to the language of the Book of Common Prayer, first published in 1549, and the King James Bible, published in 1611. My introduction to the beauty of this ancient music and language was at pre-school age in my local parish and then at infants school at Kambala in eastern Sydney and at high school at SCEGGS Darlinghurst. 

Each of these formative periods in my young life was associated with loving, safe, multi-generational communities of people, good friends and gifted teachers. I stay connected to this source of stability and inspiration to strive to do good by participation in the SCEGGS Darlinghurst community, which welcomes LGBTI people as students, parents, teachers and alumni, and by my membership of South Sydney Uniting Church which values beautiful music, liturgy and iconography. These two inclusive, welcoming and faith-based communities underpin my life trajectory.”

“Love God and love your neighbour as yourself. This is the heart of the matter. The parable of the Good Samaritan puts the teaching into action. It translates into asking oneself, ‘What is the right thing to do?’ ‘How can I help other people?’.”

“I joined the Uniting Church because many parishes and the church leadership are striving to be fully inclusive. Rainbow people can join the church, be ordained and be married. There are still individuals and parishes who do not support this full inclusivity, but I expect this will improve over time and I will do my best to encourage and nurture that complete fulfilment of “love they neighbour.”

Photographed by Jason Doyle of Studio Commercial